Each project has a tailor-made concept design of materials, which makes it unique and exclusive.

We’re home stylist
We personally select material and fabric collections we want to suggest to our clients. We choose between Italian suppliers that most impress and involve us for technical quality and design of materials.
On demand we look for materials for your project, if they aren’t in our boutique.
Flexibility is our strength.

We’re a creative lab
We have a private collection of engineered wood made by ourself with texture and colors available only by us.
On your inquiry we study and realize engineered wood and mosaic with glass or marble with your custom made finishing and drawing to make your home very unique.
We complete the design through the range of fabrics furniture to create harmony with tapestries and other furnishings also.

We’re a consulting and planning team
A design must be functional to the project before being aesthetic . We provide our technical background giving you our assistance in the design phase and implementation phase if you like, coordinating and supervising directly: choice of materials, supply, expedition to Italy and abroad, installation and after-sales service through our professional staff and artisans. If you prefer, we also would be happy to work alongside your contractors.

We work on project of any size
By researching and identifying materials that best meet project in terms of budget and quality we are able to satisfy each inquiry, either on Italy and abroad : starting from private living to hotel and resort lounge, from wellness-spa to garden, terrace and swimming pool up to executive office and yacht interior.